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Charter Communications

Overall evaluation of Charter's 10g Enterprise Data Warehouse.  Performance analysis and tuning from the system level down to individual reports.  Architecture planning.  Creation of a PL/SQL package to manage Oracle statistics.  9i to 10g upgrade of EDW.

Charter Communications

Work on various 9i and 10g Oracle databases in Charter's Production Data Center.  Performance analysis and tuning.  Establishment of DBA standards and procedures.  Standardization of Oracle environments, databases, and DBA scripts.  EMC/BCV storage planning and implementation.   Development support.  Large database relocation project.  PL/SQL and Unix shell programming.

A. G. Edwards and Sons

9i Oracle database design, testing, and rollout for AG Edward's new workflow system  Performance tuning of workflow system.

Development support and database  administration for AG Edward's Oracle ODS and new Gateway Project, including:  9i RAC, HA, DataGuard, Advanced Queues, and IBM Message Gateway.  Performance tuning of RAC databases.  Perl and Unix shell programming.

MasterCard International

Project lead, architecture design, and implementation of BMC's Change Manager for databases project at MasterCard.  Designed and implemented Oracle database repositories for BMC Change Manager.  Coordinated rollout with multiple DBA teams.  Created procedures, trained department personnel, and documented all aspects of the system.

MasterCard International

Production support for multiple Oracle 8i databases.  Oracle Parallel Server setup.  Development support.  Performance tuning.  Partitioning design.  Creation of PL/SQL package to manage partitions.  Replication experience using Ixion IxPropagator.  Large database relocation project.  PL/SQL, Perl, and Unix shell programming.  8i upgrades.

Purina Mills

Production support for multiple Oracle databases in a SAP environment.   Development support.  Performance tuning.  Perl and Unix shell programming.

NCI Information Systems, Tricor Industries

Production support for multiple Oracle databases.  Development support.  Performance tuning.  Perl and Unix shell programming.

Viking Systems, System Engineering Solutions, System Dynamics International

Production support for multiple HP, Solaris, and SGI Unix systems.  System Integration Team Lead.  Unix Administrator.  Unix shell programming.  X Window, Sendmail, Apache HTTPD setup.


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